Tire Size Calculator – How to Determine the Right Tire Size

You have to be very careful when you are thinking about changing the stock size of your vehicle. Making use of an incorrect tire size might make your car unsafe. Prior to changing tire sizes, you can try utilizing a tire size calculator online that can aid you in keeping your vehicle always safe.

How to Determine the Right Tire Size Using a Tire Size Calculator

You need not become a tire expert in order to use a free tire size calculator. You simply need to be aware of how you can read the data. After you key in the size of your tire into the calculator, a range of information will be returned.

Some of these pieces of information include:

  • Tire Section Width – The width of your tire could be crucial in avoiding clearance problems. A wider size of the tire may lower the gas mileage as well.
  • Rim Width Range – Every tire size may only be suitable on wheels in a specific width range. When the tire is too narrow or too wide for the wheels, there can be additional stress on the tire that may lead to tire failure.
  • Overall Diameter – The overall diameter of your tire is extremely important since tires with various heights rotate at diverse speeds. This may interfere with the odometer and speedometer. This could also interfere with ABS brakes as well as other parts of the vehicle.
  • Revolutions per Mile – Taller tires come with bigger circumference, so covering more distance with wheel axle’s every rotation. This data is utilized in calculating different vehicle components, including odometer and speedometer.

Using a tire calculator is really important for more accurate calculations, which means safer trips for you in the long run.