Tire Size Chart – How To Understand the Size of Your Tires

When you plan of getting a new set of tires, it is important to know the basic considerations to obtain the ideal size. You may get the information on the current tire’s label or simply check out the tire size chart. But then, this is easier said than done when you don’t have any idea of what you should look for. If so, you will not determine then what type to purchase.

Tire Size Chart – Understand the Size of Your Car Tires

In a tire size chart, you should be able to get important information, such as the following:

  • Vehicle Type – For instance, you have the label which displays “P167/40R 12 79H”. When you do not know what it means, you are temporarily the lost cause. The first letter in the label signifies the type of car it is. The letter P means “Passenger”, LT for “Light Truck”, and T “Spare Tire” or “Temporary Tire”.
  • Ratio and Width – The following set within the label, “167” refers to the section width of the tire.
  • Load Index and Tire Type – This is the letter after the one representing the tire type. The letter “R” stands for Radial. The number right after space is the wheel rim diameter’s measurement. The 2nd number signifies the tire’s load index.
  • Speed Limit Rating – This is the letter at the end of the label. It represents the amount of traveling speed. The tire must be able to safely drive within the limit.

Making use of a tire size chart can be the best way to determine and understand the size of your tire.