Wheel Alignment Coupons & Prices

Use Wheel alignment coupons from our collection and cut tire alignment cost. We give you the latest car alignment coupons with the biggest discounts, totally free. Save your money with this special printable offers that provide the lowest front and alignment cost or even get a free wheel alignment if you buy some other car service package.

Many wheel repair shops offer coupons for wheel alignments either individually or partnered with a quote. Not all wheel misalignment can be felt in order to cause damage to your vehicle. Symptomatic or not, misalignment can damage your tires by shortening their lifespan and wearing them out early. To ensure your vehicle is in top shape, many repair shops offer coupons combination with other services such as annual tune-ups or oil changes.

Type Of Tire Alignment Coupons Available

find tire alignment discountsMany automotive repair shops frequently offer service coupons either at a price-based discount on the single service of a wheel alignment (for example, 15% off) or free when paired with full-priced services. In most situations, the full-service procedure is almost always not the discounted item. For example, it costs less for an oil change so a repair shop may offer a free oil change with a full wheel alignment. Regional coupon offers on wheel alignments differ across the country. Customers in the Pacific Northwest, for example, may respond better to a combined-service coupon than the Southeast might. The Southeast consumer might prefer a straight-percentage or dollar-amount discount coupon.

Almost all wheel alignment coupons whether for local shops, specialty shops or national chains have restrictions and limitations. Some have time frames and some may restrict the number of uses also. A few, however, are recurring coupons with no expiration date. Those are rare, but the repair shop often compensates for a “permanent” discount coupon by increasing its prices for other services.

Another possible coupon type is the discount code: Instead of receiving coupons in the mail or cutting out of a newspaper, a discount code on a coupon allows registration of a discounted service or item.

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Compare Wheel Alignment Prices

Large chain stores such as Firestone, Walmart, and Sears, often send coupons for wheel alignments that utilize all three common elements but in different sales campaigns. Some note straight price discounts and some offer percentage discounts while others present combined service discounts. Pep Boys, on the other hand, offers both local and national sale coupons for services. One location often honors a chain coupon, but it does not have to honor a discount for another location-specific shop.

Walmart Wheel Alignment Regular Price: $6.50 per tire

Sears Auto Center Wheel AlignmentRegular Price: $79.99 per adjustment
Typical Coupons: Temporary Coupons – 10% off for alignments, not including shop fees.

Precision Tune Auto Care Tire Alignment Regular Price: $79.99 per alignment
Typical Coupons: Temporary Coupons- $15-35 off for a maintenance tune-up including alignment; various other offers available if you join their email list.

Midas Wheel Alignment Regular Price: $79.99 per alignment
Typical Coupons: General coupons available in denominations of $10 off for services over $100, $20 off for services over $200, $30 off for services over $300. These coupons do not feature an expiry date; however, there may be more if you sign up for their mailing list.

Firestone Complete Auto Care Wheel Alignment Regular Price: $79.99 per alignment or $169.99 for lifetime alignments

Wheel Alignment Costs

The costs for wheel alignments can vary between locations, services offered and your needs. Basic alignments can be performed by a skilled technician using visual inspection and are relatively low cost. Some repair shops use only state-of-the-art alignment equipment which can provide you with all adjustment details and a print-out of your vehicle’s specifications. In 2011, these services can range anywhere from $50 to $100, average costs range between $80-$100. Modern vehicles “should” have all four wheels adjusted at once; however, it is a matter of preference and cost.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

wheel alignment couponsWheel alignment, as the name may imply, is a measurement involving adjusting the angles of the wheels so they are parallel to one each other, and they are perpendicular to the ground. These measurements play a valuable role in vehicle maneuverability and maximizing tire life when driving along a straight road.

Before a vehicle can be made available for sale to the public, it is rigorously tested by the manufacturer for safety and maneuverability; however, daily use can compromise a vehicle’s performance. For example, a large pothole or uneven roads can “bump” a vehicle’s suspension out of its carefully calibrated positions, causing the driver problems in handling the vehicle.

BEWARE: Less reputable automotive repair shops may try over complicate wheel alignment in an attempt to mislead clients into believing they may need costly repairs for a simple wheel adjustment.

Proper wheel alignment is essential for the health of your vehicle. Fundamentally, the term “wheel alignment” involves three measurements – caster, camber, and toe. These measurements are regulated by manufacturer’s recommendations and standards which a technician uses as targets for adjustments.

Symptoms of a Vehicle Out of Alignment:

  • Rapid or uneven tire wear
  • The vehicle has the tendency to “pull” to one side while driving in a straight line
  • A tendency to wander or drift away on a straight level road
  • Unusually high fuel consumption
  • Potential Problems from Misaligned Wheels

Improperly aligned wheels are money wasters and are dangerous! Without regular adjustments, tires wear down faster, which also compromises your vehicle’s handling. In extreme cases, controlling the vehicle will be more difficult altogether and can lead to accidents. Another consequence of improperly aligned wheels is poor gas mileage which is due to poor traction as a result of worn tires.

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